Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Post of 2010! Better late than never I guess!

What a decade.  It went by crazy fast! At the dawn of the year 2000 I was a divorced mother attending beauty school.  I"m starting this decade as a happily married accountant with a teenager!  A lot can happen in ten years, eh?

Top ten things in my life of the past 10 years!
1. Became a beauty school drop-out!
2. Went to college and got a bachelor's in accounting
3. Met my husband!

4. Was blessed with two adorable nephews, Logan and Landyn!

5. Went to Disney World!
6. Discovered my love of Savannah, GA...twice!
7. Got married!
8.  Went on a wonderful cruise!

9.  Made some great new friends!

10. Got my first job that's not in retail or a call center!

Here is my first action of the decade!  Shooting my friend's riot gun! We're in WV.  Things like this are acceptable here! ;P

The rest of New Year's day was spent enjoying family.  Like my nephew Landyn.  He's going to be one this month!

I don't make I'm not starting a diet plan or an exercise plan at the moment.  I'm going to first get my health straightened out and then go from there.  No pressure.  No remorse at year's end!  My only quasi-resolution is to be more in the moment from now on!  I want to experience many more great things this decade than last! 

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  1. man so much in just 10 years!!! sound like all for the better too :) Here's to another great year!!!

    ps those cookies in the next post look delicious!!