Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day Festivities!

I am aware that Valentine's Day is over by nearly a week but I've been slacking in the blogging department.  I've been feeling under the weather this week and I'm a little down because of all the snow we've been having.  It has literally snowed every day for two months straight.

At our house Valentine's Day isn't just about romance, it's also my daughter's birthday!  So of course I had to go all out. I started by making candy roses with pink candy melts.  I realized after I got home that I didn't buy any green for the leaves so I improvised with some green sugar.  I know those candy melts are full of hydrogenated oils but it's not like I use them more than a few times a year, plus they are damn pretty!
I also got the big idea to make homemade fortune cookies.  Brianna loves fortune cookies and I cannot eat them since they are not gluten free.  So I made them myself.  Ummm...much harder than it sounds.  I got the idea and recipe here.  I used Gluten Free Pantry's all purpose flour for this recipe.  Then since I had melted candy left over from the roses I dipped the cookies in candy and sprinkled them!  I should mention that these cookies did not get hard as they cooled like the recipe suggested.  I was going to throw them away but then decided to put them in a 300 degree oven for awhile and see if they'd harden.  Thank goodness they did! :)
Since those went okay I decided to make a big fortune cookie!  Not so pretty but man it was tasty.  I first brushed it with dark chocolate, let it harden, then brushed it with the pink melts and sprinkles.
For a cake Brianna requested the flourless chocolate cake.  I use this recipe.  I tried to get in the spirit with colored sugar and sprinkles.
For dinner Brianna requested shrimp caprese.  Pardon my fancy, environmentally unfriendly paper plate.  We dined at my parents and I didn't want to leave a mess.  Naturally this was gluten free pasta.  I've been using Ancient Harvest and honestly can't tell the difference!
Here is Brianna with some of her goodies!
I can't believe my baby is 15!  Wow I'm feeling elderly! lol!

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  1. Oooo - homemade fortune cookies (dipped in chocolate, no less). That is always one of my favorite parts to eating Chinese food.