Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kickboxing night!

I've been lazy and slacking in the kickboxing department lately. I love going and I'm always glad afterwards, it's just hard to get motivated to show up.  The class is at 6:30 which also happens to be my dinner time.  I'm a grumpy beast when I'm hungry!  So I snacked on a Think Thin bite.  I don't really like the fakey ingredients but  for 100 calories and 8 grams of protein I'll take it.
Surprisingly this held me over through class, dinner preparation, and a shower!  These are also gluten free.  Always a plus!
Dinner was baked chicken legs, breaded with Hol Grain gluten free breading mix,  homemade cinnamon apple sauce, and steamed green beans.  Easy and delicious! :) 
As for dessert, I had my most favorite chocolate candies.  While visiting with my cousin in Ohio I visited a Malley's chocolate shop.  On an impulse I grabbed a box of  Himalayan Pink Salt caramels.  I don't usually care for caramels but the pink salt lured me in!  Well they are the best EVER!  Sadly they were a limited time only and could not be ordered online.  So my fabulous cousin went back and got me seven more boxes.  I did give a couple away to avoid temptation.  I've got to savor the rest for as long as possible.  I limited myself to two this evening! 


  1. Those chocolates look scrumptious! I love sweet and salty, especially with caramel.

    I have never seen those bites. I had a think thin bar once and it was stale, I think....

  2. Pink salt caramel!!?! wow. that sounds incredible!