Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Fun and Festivities!

I love fall!  The weather is mild, the trees are gorgeous, and fun stuff like Halloween happens! I love scary movies, haunted houses, creepy tales, and kids in cute costumes.  Sadly I also love the comfort food that goes with cooler weather.  Nice crisp salads no longer sound good but awesome pasta dishes do!

These were some cheese stuffed chicken meatballs.  Pretty tasty.  The recipe called for chicken sausage but I had to use plain ground chicken and spices.  I'd recommending going with the sausage as these were a bit bland.

I have a new breakfast sensation!  A gluten free Bisquick biscuit with melted white cheddar cheese and autumn olive  jam.  So good.  Also a great source of lycopene from what I've read.  The autumn olives not the Bisquick! ;p

To get even more into the Halloween spirit I got this cute coffee mug at Kmart for less than $3!  Score!  I have a somewhat serious addiction to purchasing coffee mugs.  I really am running out of cabinet space.


The real excitement in my life lately is my new phone.  For two years I've been stuck with the boring phone while my husband enjoyed his iPhone.  Now I too have a fun phone!  The HTC Desire.  My husband is terribly underwhelmed with it and is giving serious consideration to going back to the iPhone but I am easily amused and it suits me fine! :) 

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  1. LOL at your mug problem. I am that way with bowls. Every time I get a new one, my husband says "Another bowl???" He just doesn't get it.