Monday, November 15, 2010

Gluten Free Bonanza!

The weather changes and dropping temperatures have really got my sinuses acting up.  I've had a headache by the end of the workday almost daily for two weeks.  Therefore I was super excited to come home to a package full of gluten free goodies!
This was received courtesy of My Blog Spark and General Mills. 

As you can see it came with a large variety of items for me to sample.  Though I must say my husband has claimed the Fruit by the Foots for himself and that is perfectly cool with me.  I don't love the ingredient list on those plus they've never been my thing. As for Todd, they bring him great joy.  I did eat a pack of Gushers just because I hadn't had them since I was a kid.  

The only product in the package that I was completely unfamilar with was the Potato Buds.  I usually make homemade mashed potatoes.  So I decided that trying those was first on my agenda.  Turns out I had already planned to cook shephard's pie for dinner so I subbed the Potato Buds for my usual potatoes.

It turned out quite good.  Both my husband and I enjoyed it.  The texture of the potatoes were a little weird compared to fresh but that could have been because I used less better than the instructions indicated. 
Overall I was pleased and it got dinner on the table way faster which is great for a weeknight after work. I always come home starved!

As for the other products, I have made and enjoyed the brownies numerous times.  The whole family loves them!  I have used the yellow cake mix to make Irish Cream Cake on St. Patrick's Day.  I live on Larabars, especially when traveling or in a situation where I can't be sure of getting gluten free food.  Lastly, Gluten Free Bisquick is a new breakfast staple in our home. So basically this package was pretty exciting for me!  I kind of wish there was something in the box I didn't like so I looked more objective! lol

I do have the opportunity to give a reader this same box of goodies.  I'm pretty sure I only have three or four readers so your odds of winning are good!  I'll make this simple and just say if you leave a comment by this Friday 11/19/10 letting me know which product you'd be most interested in trying and why you are in the drawing.  The winner will be picked at random.  :)


  1. Recently diagnosed with Celiac disease- I am "rethinking" my diet. I would love to try all of the products as they seem convenient- but if I had to pick one- it would probably be the instant potatoes. I, too, make my potatoes from scratch- baked, stuffed, mashed, grilled- there is not much you can do to a potato that I wouldn't eat. So- perhaps it is time to try the boxed ones. Seems like they might make life easy on those (unfortunately not so rare) occasions when I have run out of 'taters and don't want rice, quinoa, or crackers.

  2. Charlie's Girl: Contact me with your name, address, and phone number and I'll have My Blog Spark mail your prize package. :) angela.parish at