Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend adventure!

In WV there is not a lot to do on the weekends except eat and watch movies. However we do have a plethora of scenic parks and hiking trails! I am always bugging my husband to go walk at a park with me. This weekend he finally agreed! So we harnessed the dog and took off!

We headed to the nearby Grandview park. It's very scenic with many overlooks where you can view the New River.

There are a lot of nice trails to hike! They range from easy walks though the woods to somewhat strenuous rocky, hilly trails. There is one that goes through a neat little tunnel. It's a fun place.

We may or may not have gotten slightly lost in the dark. No comment!

Another thing that made this weekend exciting was biscuits!!! Gluten Free Bisquick has recently come available in my area and I have been dying to try the biscuit recipe on the back. Sooooo good. My husband who can eat gluten loved them too! I made a fun sandwich for lunch of turkey, pepperjack cheese, and pepper jelly on a biscuit!
I served the leftover biscuits with last night's dinner.  I made cornmeal crusted baked catfish, Annie's gluten free mac and cheese (the new creamy kind, YUM!), green beans with lemon and feta, and cooked apples. 
Quite a feast for a Monday night! :)


  1. That looks so pretty! I bet it looks amazing when the leaves turn.

  2. the pepper jelly looks a tiny bit disturbing tbh