Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November already???

Time is just flying!  It doesn't seem right that it's already November!  Anyhow I'm tired so I'll do a quick recap of the weekend highlights.  First Saturday morning breakfast.  Bacon and white cheddar omelet.  Don't worry.  I split this with my husband.  I swear I didn't eat the whole thing!  Learning to flip an omelet was a highpoint in my culinary life! lol!
 Went to Sam's Club Saturday and got some yummy things.  Chai Spiced Cider.  The best cider ever!

Sugar Pears.  So cute.  Like little baby pears!
I guess it was minature food day because I also felt the urge to purchase kiwi berries. 
Sunday I broke open a new jar of preserves.  Very delicious.  I bought this at Pier 1.  How random!
I served the jam on Kashi Go Lean waffles.  One half has peanut butter and the other has almond butter.  The almond butter half was way better!
Sunday night we went to Macado's for dinner.  I got the turkey rueben on a croissant.  I've been going through a big croissant phase for awhile now. Sad that they are so much worse for me than regular sliced bread. 
Today I tried a new Odwalla bar.  The Mocha-walla.  Pretty tasty.  It had little chocolate chips in it that made my morning. 
Still trying to get well and stay well.  Hard to do, everywhere I go someone is sick with the flu!  On my doctors advice I'm taking olive leaf extract.  I'd never heard of it but according to the book that came with it, it can prevent and even cure infections, viruses, fungi, and parasites.  Hmmmm....seems a bit much but it couldn't hurt to try!

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  1. Chai cider sounds amazing! I have to say those 2 little pieces of bacon look so lonely on your plate LOL