Friday, October 30, 2009

Eggnog two favorite things collide at IHOP!

The other night I saw the IHOP commercial for their seasonal pancakes.  Ever since eggnog pancakes have been all I can think about.  Yeah, my mind is very  So I decided I must go there for dinner tonight.  I love IHOP because for like $7 you get a meal and a dessert in one!  I got two eggs over hard, turkey sausage, and hashbrowns with cheddar.  Sometimes I order off the healthy menu but usually I go full heart-attack.

  I inhaled my meal because I couldn't wait to get to the pancakes.  They did not dissapoint!  OMG so good.  The pancakes are eggnog flavored and then they have this vanilla cream in the middle, and a butter rum sauce on top.  I did share 1/2 with my husband so I'm not a complete piggy.   Only about 75% piggy! :P 
I'm so glad eggnog season is here again.  I love making eggnog bunt cakes and eggnog cheesecakes.  Who knows what else I'll find to make this year! 


  1. Wow, eggnog pancakes, never heard or thought of that. They sound great though, wish there was an IHOP where I live!

  2. You sound like a wonderful cook! Hey, I used to like IHOP, too. You may to check out that IHOP has been recently exposed for animal cruelty and food safety issues in its supply chain:

  3. OH yum!! I saw those pancakes advertised and I really want the pumpkin and gingerbread ones.. mm!

  4. Eggnog pancakes sound faaantastic!!! I may not like Christmas, but I LOVE holiday food! Eggnog, gingerbread, candy canes. But I think I may like "rumnog" the most ;)

  5. oh dear lord - I cannot even think about eggnog pancakes. I am one of those people who can drink a whole cup of eggnog and go back for more!