Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Best Pizza in the World!

Today we had plans to go out to dinner with my husband's family after work.  Lucky for me they chose one of my favorite restaurant, Pies and Pints!  This place is soooooo good!   There are so many interesting varieties of pizza!  

Tuesday night is awesome because they have a buffet and you can try all their varieties! I started off with my absolute favorite, Grape pizza!  It has grapes, gorgonzola, and rosemary! Also a salad to be healthy and all ;)!
I followed that up with my tie for absolute favorite, the Cuban pizza.  It has marinated pork, pineapple, feta, carmalized onions (usually I have those removed), jalapenos, creme fraiche, and cilantro.  This pizza is divine. 

They had some really unique dessert pizzas.  They still had cheese on them.  I've seen dessert pizza before but never with cheese.  Usually it has icing or something drizzled on it.  This one had cheese, pineapple, and chocolate chips.  Sounds gross but it was actually good.  They also had one with grapes instead of pineapple.  This is the only thing my 2 year old nephew would eat.  He picked all the fruit off though and kept yelling "more chocolate pizza, more!"  He's so adorable!   One thing I really like about this place is they use fresh herbs, they make their own sauces, and roast the pork and veggies on site. Everything isn't super processed and pre-packaged like most pizza places. 

I have been such a bad girl tonight, skipping kickboxing in favor of pizza!  How could I resist though! :)  Now I think I'll do some yoga, get tomorrows breakfast and lunch together, and call it a night!  BTW, I did not post breakfast and lunch pictures because breakfast was exactly what I had yesterday and lunch was last night's dinner!  


  1. That pizza sounds so yummy and healthy!!

  2. Can you do a story on King Tut's pizza???

  3. Whoa whoa. Grapes on pizza?? Chocolate chips and ceese? Sign me up please!! :P