Friday, October 9, 2009

Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger

Today my breakfasts had the same base as yesterday (plain yogurt, oats, pumpkin, spices, truvia) but was topped with Kashi Cinammon Harvest!  This was so, so good.  I think Cinammon Harvest might be my new favorite Kashi cereal.  Very cinammon-y!  I'm really liking adding pumpkin to my breakfast too!  It's so versatile!
For lunch I packed spinach, cabbage, corn, the leftover taco seasoned ground chicken and cheese, heated it and spooned it over two crushed taco shells to make a taco salad.  Then I topped it with the leftover taco sauce.  Wow, so good!  I think it was even better as leftovers with the added veggies!  Of course I disappointed my office friend because I didn't order out with her!  I really don't think anything I could have ordered would have topped this!  Seriously!
I had to go grocery shopping after work so I figured I'd better have a snack.  Everyone knows it's a bad idea to hit the store hungry! I spend quite enough on groceries as it is!  For snack I had more organic grapes and a string cheese.  I love string cheese!  I've really enjoyed these grapes too!  They are so sweet! I'm glad I snacked because I was at the store forever!  Then the line I got in had some big hold-up so I had to wait and wait to check out!
I picked a quick dinner.  I got pre-pattied hamburgers and threw them on the George Forman grill while I baked some Alexia sweet potato fries.  I served my burgers on whole wheat pitas because I could not find hamburger buns that didn't have HFCS in them!  So aggravating!  The pitas were good though so it was fine!  I sauteed some mushrooms and spinach to put in my pita with some white cheddar cheese!  This was an awesome burger! :) Good news!  I am now officially used to Sun Crystals.  I bought a box for home and made iced tea with it!  I don't like my tea super sweet so it only took 3 packs for the whole 2 qt. pitcher!
 Since it's Friday night I had some ice cream while I watched the IT Crowd and Dead Like Me on Netflix!  I typically like chocolate ice creams with chunks of stuff in it but I decided to get the Vanilla Bean Haagen Daz Five to try.  I LOVE their coffee ice cream and I really liked this vanilla too.  That is saying a lot because I never eat vanilla ice cream...too boring! :P 
I just got finished with my yoga for core conditioning and now I'm going to get ready to read in bed awhile.  My throat is getting so sore!  I think I'll snack on some frozen mango!  I love frozen fruit!  Especially when I have a sore, scratchy throat!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the blog comments, I really appreciate them. Hope your yoga practice is going great. I did a 1 week recap today, check it out. Maybe you could do a mini recap too!