Monday, October 12, 2009

Ang's Awesome Abs???

I can't believe it's Monday already!  Where do the weekends go???  Today for breakfast I had cottage cheese and two Coco Cran Nut muffins.  I got the recipe in the newest Clean Eating magazine.  They are REALLY good!  I love Clean Eating magazine.  They have so many great recipes to try! 

For lunch I had the leftover fajita mix stuffed inside a whole wheat pita.  Some of it wouldn't fit so I just ate it by itself!  Still yummy today!  Grapes on the side!  For my afternoon snack I had another Cliff Smores Zbar.  I had to have a snack to gear up for a new class I was trying at the gym.  Al's Awesome Abs, hence the title of the post.  Technically I don't have awesome abs yet but hopefully in the future the title will be true! ;) Actually I really think  I do have awesome abs.  They just have a bit too much cushioning they are hiding under! lol!  The class was supposed to be 45 minutes but it ran a whole hour.  I actually burned close to 350 calories!  I guess Al's class was awesome!

I came home from the gym STARVING.  Luckily the dinner I had planned was quick.  Steak stirfry!  I bought the steak already in strips.  I started by heating garlic and ginger in the pan, I added some chopped carrot and mushroom, then the steak, then shredded cabbage, then steamed brocolli, a scrambled egg, sprouted brown rice, and black bean garlic sauce.  So good and ready in a jiffy.  I got the Annie Chung brand of microwave sprouted brown rice.  All natural.  Very fast and tasty.  I will definately buy that again! 
For some reason this evening  I am wore out!  I think I'm going to pack tomorrow's meals and head to bed!

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