Thursday, October 15, 2009

Early to Bed! Way Early!

Today I just plain wasn't feeling good.  I think I might be coming down with a cold.  I started the morning with some overnight oats.  Recipes:  1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup greek yogurt, splash of milk, 2 generous spoons of pumpkin, 1 TB of currants, spices, Sun Crystals, and unsalted pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top.  Delicious and very filling!   I love to make breakfast ahead of time because I am NOT a morning person!
Lunch is unpictured because seriously I just wasn't with it today and forgot!  Imagine a whole wheat pita stuffed with almond butter.  Not too exciting anyhow, eh?  I was going to the dentist so I didn't want a big lunch in me!
Since the dentist is located so close to my favorite pizza place, Pies and Pints, I knew I had to get a pizza to go.  I wanted to surprise my husband!  After the horrible chicken in the floor incident of last night I didn't even feel up to cooking today! lol!  I got half grape and gorgonzola and half Cuban.  So delicious!  Best idea I've had in weeks!  So after dinner I'm still feeling yucky plus it's cold so I threw on sweatpants and a hoodie and I went to bed.  I read some of my book for bible study.  Turns out there are questions I'm supposed to answer at the end of the chapters.  I guess I should've assumed as much! lol!

I took a big nap!  From 8p.m. to 1 a.m.  Now I'm up when I should be asleep! Oh well.  I'm trying out my new nightguard.  Turns out I did not have to have my filling done today, thank goodness since I'm already feeling bad!  He said where my jaw is cracking and popping it wouldn't be a good idea to have my mouth propped open so long so I'm to wear my nightguard a few weeks and return Nov. 3rd!  This little device pictured above is what my guard looks like.  It's called an N.T.I. Tension Suppression System.  You wear it over your front teeth and it prevents your teeth from touching so you can't clench or grind!  It not only prevents tooth grinding it also relaxes the muscles involved which can clear up TMJ! Would you believe this little hunk of plastic is $195!!!
I almost missed a day of yoga!!!  No fears when I awoke I did some self-guided yoga stretches before I got up to do this blog post!  Very relaxing.  No one else is up.  Just me and the cat! Her purring was quite soothing and well suited to the poses actually!  Yogi master Buttercup? :)

Question for the day: How does everyone else attempt to fight off a cold?


  1. grape? at first i was like "wtf" then i was like "gotta have!" lol. when i'm sick it's allabout fluids, sleep, medsand chicken noodle soup. feel better

  2. I have a new nightgaurd too.. but mine goes on my bottom teeth! weird!