Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dinner=Epic Fail!

Today was one of those days where things just don't go quite right!  First off the batteries in my camera died.  I mean the picture quality on my camera is bad enough but breakfast and lunch pictures are taken on my way subpar cellphone camera!  Anyhow breakfast was two more of the Clean Eating Coco Cran Nut muffins and pumpkin yogurt.  I mixed 2/3 cup Fage 2%, a couple of spoonfuls of pumpkin, spices, a few chopped pecans, and a pack of Sun Crystals.  The pumpkin yogurt really seemed to creep out a co-worker.  You'd think I ate bugs or something like that guy on the Travel Channel to hear this lady talk!
 Lunch was leftover stir-fry with a carrot and some grape tomatoes.  Surprisingly filling!  I did have an afternoon snack of some grapes but honestly I didn't even need my usual pre-kickboxing snack bar today!  As for kickboxing.  My goodness it was so hot in there.  I don't know why since the A/C was on and it's cold outside.  I felt like I could spontaneously combust!  It was a tough class to get through.  Plus it was abs night and my abs are still super sore from my 1 hour ab class last night!  Oh well!  I hung in there and got it done!
  After class I was starved.  I snacked on some Food Should Taste Good Olive chips (wonderful!!!) and Sabra hummus.  Then I started on dinner but had a huge mishap.  I was making a recipe from one of the South Beach cookbooks called Indian Chicken.  Things started out good, brown the chicken pieces.  Put them on a plate while you cook some garlic, ginger, curry powder, veggies, and coconut milk.  Then add the chicken back.  Except I added the step of drop all but one piece of chicken in the floor!  So I threw some chickpeas in the pot instead.  My husband wasn't keen on a vegetarian entree and since he was out and about anyhow he got some chicken from Krogers Deli!
I had a small piece.  I took the skin with the smokey barbeque coating off before I ate it though.  With my Indian (not) Chicken I served quinoa.  I've eaten it many times but never cooked it.  I decided to use low sodium chicken broth instead of water.  Then I added a touch of curry powder and a few spritz of Bragg's seasoning.  Very tasty! I think I will be making quinoa more often!

For tonight's yoga I did a 10 minute Yoga legs workout.  Now I'm ready for bed and reading.  Starting this coming Monday I am going to a once a week bible study thing.  We are to be reading Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible.  I have to read the first two chapters by Monday.  Not a problem since I read quite fast.  I have never been to any sort of bible study before so I'm a little nervous.  Seeing as I have quite a few tattoos I don't fit in at a lot of churches!  Luckily I am friendly with girl hosting and my best friend is going to be going too so it should be fine!
I have to get a filling tomorrow and get fitted for my mouth guard!  I hate going to the dentist!  I'm actually almost excited about the mouth guard because I'm a terrible teeth grinder and now my jaw is snapping and popping like crazy! 

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  1. bad girls of the bible?
    Almost worth reading myself

    I need all your recipes!!