Friday, October 2, 2009

Finally Friday!

This morning suffered from lack of preparation and being low on groceries.  I had a Gingersnap Larabar, a Carbmaster yogurt, and some mint tea.  I'm back to drinking black tea.  I decided that I wasn't hungry enough for the Fiberful so I saved it for the afternoon and snacked on it with some roasted edamame.  The Gingersnap Larabar is one of my favorites.  Though every flavor I try is one of my favorites it seems!  My true actual favorite is the Key Lime just so you know! :P
For lunch I had packed leftovers but then my husband called and wanted me to go grab a bite with him.  We went do this little restaurant called The Lite Side.  It's across the street from my work so it's easy to get there and back in 30 minutes.  Today I picked the roast beef pita with cheese, tomato, cucumber, and banana peppers.  Also a touch of light mayo.  It was really good. I'd prefer a wheat pita but no big deal. I drank a very rare Diet Dr. Pepper.  I'm not a huge fan of soda but will order it on occassion.
After work I stopped at the store where I found figs!  Sadly I have never tried a real fig.  In fact I don't think outside of Fig Newtons I've eaten dried figs either...I've honestly never seen them sold here.  I had to buy some. I decided I really wanted a fried egg sandwich for dinner.  I'm finally getting to the last of my homemade bread.  It's been in the fridge but it's getting a little dry.  The sandwich is just bread, mozarella cheese, and egg.  Perfection! I decided on sweet potatoes as my side.  I chopped and microwaved them for a few minutes to help them cook faster and then put them in the oven with a bit of butter, cinammon, and a touch of sugar in the raw.  Figs for dessert.  Not bad!

For dessert I put together a bit of fat free sherbet, frozen mixed berries, and a touch of white zinfindal.  I got these idea watching Anthony Bourdain in Chili.  His was way more sophisticated though. It was okay.  I probably wouldn't make it again.  We watched Blood Diamonds after dinner and I got so absorbed that I almost forgot about the yoga challenge.  I had decided to make today a rest day and exercise had slipped my mind.  Never fear!  I couldn't punk out on day two! I squeezed in a brief 10 minute routine.  I'm rather embarrassed to say what DVD I did.  
Oh yeah, Denise Austin.  A lot of people talk about how annoying she is and laugh at her workouts but honestly she like 52 year old!  I hope my body will look half that good at 52.  Hell I don't look as good as her now! She's a little bit chatty but I don't mind...we go way back.  :P  Anyhow I did the 10 minute leg segment.  There are also 10 minute ab and relaxation segments as well as a 20 minute yoga burn workout. 
Tomorrow I'm excited to meet up with my cousin!  He's passing through about an hour from me so we're having lunch.  I'll get to see his kids.  One of them is a newbie so we'll be meeting for the first time! I'm hoping to squeeze in some lifting either before or after.  I have to do something we are going to a buffet!


  1. Fresh figs or dried figs? I have never been able to find fresh figs in a store and I would love to try them.

    I don't mind Denise Austin, although her voice makes me want to clear my throat a lot LOL!

  2. They were fresh! I'd never seen them in the store either!

  3. That breakfast looks good to me!! My mom lives off of carbmaster yogurts! lol