Thursday, October 8, 2009

Taco Thursday!

I started the day out with another pumpkin concoction.  This one is no-cook oats featuring non-fat plain yogurt, pumpkin, oats, cinammon, pumpkin pie spice, and truvia.  Quite tasty!  It looks a bit gross though.  I've gone almost the whole week without my Sweet n' Low!  I'm getting used to the Sun Crystals.  One thing that has helped is using just half of the packet per cup of tea.  They are very small but wow are they sweet! 

Lunch was of course leftovers from last night. Also some carrot sticks and grapes.  Very tasty and filling.  I didn't even get hungry for my 4 o'clock snack!  One of the ladies at work insists that I must order lunch with her tomorrow because I've done good all week and "I deserve it".  No one seems to understand that I like packing my lunch!  I really do enjoy what I bring and look forward to it!  Plus if I don't eat the leftovers for lunch then they go to waste and I don't like to waste if I can help it!

Tonight was kickboxing night.  I was not feeling it as my back/hip is still hurting but I drug my behind in there anyhow!  Glad I did, I burned 520 calories!  For my before gym snack I had my favorite Larabar, Key Lime...after class I had to go to the pharmacy so naturally I had to get a tall soy latte from Starbucks!  My dad likes to tell me that just because the sign says drive thru it doesn't mean I have to drive thru! lol!  For dinner I tried something new!  My husband loves tacos but the regular kinds are so bad with tons of sodium and strange I got this Garden of Eatin' from the healthy section of Krogers.
  These were so good!  The shells were delicious.  My husband ate 6 shells...3 without fillings he liked them so well!  The seasoning was a lot lower in sodium plus I only used half the pack and that was plenty!  I made these with ground chicken and topped them with 2% cheddar cheese and reduced fat sour cream.  Corn as our side.  A little carb heavy but I love white corn!  I will definately buy this again!  After dinner I watched The Office, it's one of my favorite shows and then did my relaxation yoga.  Now I'm ready to seriously relax until morning! :)

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  1. mmm the pumpkin oats sound delish and I love the blue corn chips by that company so I bet i'd love their taco shells!