Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend and Yoga Recap!

It's been a little bit hectic this weekend so I decided to just do one big post!  Saturday morning I got up and made apple pie oatmeal.  I chopped an apple and cooked it on the stove with some water, lemon juice, cinammon, pumpkin pie spice, and a packette of Sun Crystals.  Once it was soft I added additional water and oats to cook.  I topped the oats with a bit of Trader Joe's crunchy almond butter.  Yum!  This was good oatmeal! After breakfast it was time to start getting ready for my nephew's 3rd birthday party.  He has a little ride on John Deere tractor that he absolutely loves to drive so the party was tractor themed!
Here was his cute tractor cake! He loved it!

I didn't eat any of the tractor cake.  One of the little boys at my table is on a gluten free diet and he brought some cupcakes to share with anyone who wanted one so I decided to have a cupcake with him!  He's a big WVU fan in case you couldn't tell!  The cupcake was really tasty!  Turned my lips blue though, but that's okay!  It was a party!   The food at the party was relatively healthy.  Little Subway sandwiches.  I had one of the ham and cheese ones and one of the turkey and cheese ones.  Lots of veggies.  No mayo.  Also there was a delicious fruit salad.  Grapes, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries!  I loaded up on that! :)
This morning for breakfast I tried to make whole wheat buttermilk biscuits.  They tasted really good but they didn't rise.  I later noticed that my baking soda was expired so that could be the reason!  Anyhow they were still edible...just flat!  I served them with two fried eggs.  After breakfast I helped my daughter with a TON of math homework.  Bluck!  Then I hit the gym for 45 minutes of rolling hills on the elliptical.  I did a quick strength training workout before bed last night so today was all cardio.  After the gym I made a cheeseburger in pita (see Friday's dinner) and took a bit of a nap!  Sunday afternoon naps are what I live for!

After my nap I showered and got ready to go to dinner.  My husband has been wanting to hit the Mexican restaurant all weekend!  We met our friends Mike and John and had a pretty good feast!  I had chicken fajitas with mushrooms, green peppers, and tomato.  No onion for me!  Served with rice, beans, lettuce, and guacomole.  So good.  Plus I have leftovers for tomorrow! I don't feel guilty when I go out to eat.  I feel like I eat healthy at least 80-90% of the time so a splurge once in awhile is fine! 
Now for the recap of my first 11 days of yoga!  Going well.  I'm glad  I accepted the challenge.  I wish I had more yoga options but even with my Denise Austin and You Tube videos I'm feeling a benefit.  I especially like to do relaxation yoga before bed.  It's helping me get to sleep earlier!  I still haven't learned to like a sun salutation but there are still 20 days to go...maybe I'll get there! lol!


  1. haha you don't have to like sun salutations, but I would say give them another try in a different setting.

  2. ooo that oatmeal sounds super good!! And too cute about having a cupcake with the little boy :)

  3. I'm just proud I can touch my toes most days. ;-)

  4. I had the same issue with whole wheat biscuits - they didn't rise. I think maybe adding some extra gluten would help or extra leavening.