Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cupcake Party!!!

Last month my daughter and I took a trip to D.C.  so I could try on bridesmaid dresses for my cousin's wedding.  While there I found a cupcake place, Hello Cupcake.  I picked two cupcakes to try, de lime and de coconut and gianduja.  They were fabulous.  I have a less than flattering picture I could post of me stuffing a cupcake in my mouth but I'll spare you! Anyhow I knew I wanted to have wonderful cupcakes like these again and soon.  My best friend and I love to get together and bake so we decided to have a cupcake party! 
 The first cupcake I decided to make was key lime.  I found a recipe on line at Bon Appetit.  The only change I made was skipping the green food coloring.  I didn't find a vivid green cupcake to be necessary.  These cupcakes were phenomenal.  The icing is out of this world.  I could have eaten the entire bowl.  It is however a great thing that  I don't get paid to decorate cakes because my first try with the piping tip and bag was a epic fail as you can see!
Finding a recipe that came close to the chocolate hazel nut ganache of the Hello Cupcake was harder.  So I improvised.  On the Food Network website I found a chocolate ganache cupcake recipe by Ina Garten.  I made the recipe as written but after the cupcakes were out of the oven I piped a bit of Nutella in the center.  Then I dipped them in the ganache and sprinkled them with toasted hazelnuts.  Not as good as the ones in D.C. but fabulous none the less. 

My best friend of almost 30 years Vanessa made a root bear float cupcake and a peach mango cheesecake recipe.  Both were spectacular!  We have so much fun when we bake together!  We always get together before any major holiday to do some baking so be watching for some Halloween creations! 

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