Monday, September 21, 2009

The start of another week...

I decided to start off the day with an almond butter and jelly sandwich.  So simple, yet one of my favorite things.  This week I bought the Food for Life's 7 sprouted grain bread.  It's really good.  Their Genesis bread is my favorite with the nuts and seeds.  I've also tried their cinammon raisin.  It's amazing but it NEVER goes on sale and it's almost $5 a loaf.  That makes it a rare treat for this girl!  My sandwich was toasted on served with a Carbmaster yogurt and Oolong tea.                                                                                            

Lunch today is leftovers from Saturday night.  Spiced couscous and chicken apricot tagine.  Things like this are often better as leftovers because it gives the flavors time to blend better.   I almost always pack a lunch because it's cheaper and healthier.  Around here most lunch choices would be fast food and aside from the high calories, fat, and sodium it just gets so boring.  I limit myself to once every two week.  I do on occassion use my lunch break to get a drink at Starbucks.  Then I enjoy it with whatever I packed from home. 
By the way: Check out this super cool container I got at Krogers Friday!  It's a skull and crossbones glass bowl with a plastic lid!  I can now pack my lunch in Goth fashion! lol!

My planned afternoon snack is an apple and some roasted edamame.  They are quite tasty and high protein!
This evening I'm hoping to hit the gym (most likely spinning class) and perhaps make a pizza for dinner.

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