Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday Lazy Sunday

Sunday was just not a high energy day.  I started out good.  Got up and made waffles on the George Foreman grill.  I have the one with the interchangeable plates so it's a grill, griddle, waffle maker, ect. Served with butter, peach syrup, and a fried egg.  Then we went to Sam's Club so my husband could look at TVs.  Upon returning home I was exhausted so I took a nap.  Then I went to visit my cousin in the hospital.  Kidney stones!  I stayed at the hospital for a long time and upon leaving realized I was starving.  I had planned to cook a beef stir-fry but we decided to meet up with our BFF Mike and head to Rio Grande for dinner.  This is our favorite Mexican place because there are no onion chunks in the salsa.  My husband is severely intolerant of onions.  If he smells or tastes one he pukes!                                                                             
        I started out dinner with a peach margarita.  They have the absolute best margaritas.  Strong and cheap too!  I prefer mine on the rocks, but I forgot to specify.  This was still fabulous though. 
Then of course I had to order cheese dip for my chips.  This is really a big downfall for me.  I LOVE cheese.  I can't stay out of this stuff!  Thank goodness we don't eat here every night! I'd weigh over a ton by now!  For my entree I went simple with a #1.  One taco, two cheese enchilades, and rice. All in all a good lazy end to the weekend.  Now it's back to work for Ang! :P

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