Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Working out old school

Tonight I decided to come home and cook dinner instead of going spinning.  I didn't skip exercise all together though...more on that in a second.  First I got creative with the contents of the fridge.  I had some chicken tenders and giant containers of spinach and mushrooms from Sam's Club that needed used.  I also had some wine hanging out.  True Confession time:  I don't really like wine unless it's super sweet and dessertish.  I bought this wine because it had a picture of a giant pancake on it.  Who wouldn't love a giant pancake?  Anyhow I sauteed the chicken and then added wine and butter.  I reduced that down and then put the chicken to the side while I made the mushrooms and spinach.  I threw some wine and butter in with them too.  Then I added the chicken back and served with brown and wild rice.  To drink I made some Earl Grey iced tea.  I drink more tea than anyone I've ever met.  Hot, cold, whatever.  I love it.  This tea was a gift from my wonderful friend Jessi.  This girl is great!  I drove her to and from the dentist because she was being sedated and she hooks me up with this awesome organic tea!                          
After dinner I watched some TV and then decided it was time to exercise.  I've just gotten over mono so I haven't really been lifting weights recently.  To get back in the swing of things I pulled out my old school favorite exercise video of all time.  The Firm Tough Tape!  It lives up to it's name that's for certain.  I love the old Firm videos...I don't like the new ones at all though.  This particular video is literally a video.  Yep like a VCR video.  Remember those kids?  :)  Anyhow this video kicked my ass.  I loved every second of it though.  According to my heart rate monitor I burned 381 calories.  Max HR of 186 (that killer giant step).  Afterwards I had a delicious post-workout smoothie.  No picture of it though.  It contained 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder.  Handfull each of raspberries and blueberries.  Milk. Ice.  Delish!

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