Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tequila Sunrise

Okay so that isn't actually a tequila sunrise.  It's my favorite juice combo, cranberry with a splash of orange.  I like the Simply Orange with the lots of pulp.  I can't drink orange juice if it doesn't have pulp!  Anyhow today was another sick day.  I'm feeling a good bit better, just tired and achy, but the doctor said not to go back to work until Friday so I stayed in.  I decided to try a breakfast cookie this morning.  I got the idea from Susan who got the idea from Fitnessista.  I subbed cranberries for coconut though for the simple reason that I didn't have coconut.  It was very tasty and surprisingly filling! 
For lunch I had what appears to be a second breakfast.  I had to run to the pharmacy so I took the opportunity to visit Starbucks.  The only issue is that I can't have caffine until I'm better so that means no coffee or tea.  So I tried a tall, non-fat, no whip, pumpkin creme.  Yumtastic!  When I got home I quickly toasted up an english muffin, fried an egg, and threw on 1/2 a slice of cheese.  Delicious!  Most of the time I make my eggs over-well but today I really wanted to dip the bread in the yolk so I went over easy.  Then I spent a great portion of time of the couch in my pjs watching Dead Like Me on streaming Netflix. 
Before I knew it, it was almost time for Todd to get home so I needed to start cooking dinner.  I decided to fix taco pasta.  Basically I cook ground sirloin, add a can of tomato, a can of tomato sauce, and 1/2 a packet of reduced sodium taco seasoning.  Then I stir that into cooked pasta with a a few dollups of reduced fat sour cream, top with cheese, and bake.  It is so good.  We all had seconds.  I'll probably have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow! 
I felt I had to finish the post with a picture of the little lady that's been keeping me company while I've been ill.  Okay so she's not at all little and looks terribly unlike a lady in this photo.  Anyhow this is my lovely, quite voluptious cat Buttercup.  Boy is she sassy....

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  1. hahahahah OMG that cat picture made me laugh :) hope you are feeling better! Your egg sandwich is making me hungry!